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Home by Notions

Home By Notions is an Irish company founded during the Covid 19 Crisis creating flat packed WFH furniture delivered to your door within 48 hours.

The Tacú chair was born out of the rapid adjustment to life under lock-down. Arriving as just five pieces of timber and ten screws, the Tacú chair requires minimal assembly instruction and a single Allen key, helping the process to be as intuitive as possible and free from the frustration often found with flatpacks.

Sold online and direct to the consumer, saving on shipping costs and cutting out wholesalers and retailers, the customer has access to a superior quality product without compromising on affordability or sacrificing ethics.

Flat-pack construction allows the pieces to be posted direct to the consumer from the factory, significantly reducing both shipping costs and therefore energy consumption.

The Tacú chair is produced using sustainable wood from FSC-certified forests and recycled PET felt. Designed for disassembly, the Tacú's chair components can be easily separated out and worn parts repaired, recycled or replaced.

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