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For Humans

Portobello, Dublin

We were delighted to be able to open our new studio, on Portobello Square, and present some of our incredible partners’ insights and processes, which have helped to reshape the landscape of education, workplace and product.

The theme looked to discuss and tackle the issues that we as designers need to be able to find a critical pathway through all the noise and identify crucial insights and cater for the holistic needs of people. We live very complex lives and seeking fulfillment from our daily routines can be elusive. 


Here are five considerations for creating good design.

Galen Cranz


Galen Cranz is Professor of Architecture at the University of California at Berkeley, a Ph.D. sociologist from the University of Chicago. She teaches social and cultural approaches to architecture and urban design. Emphasizing ethnography as a research method, she brings users' as well as creators' perspectives to our understanding of built environments.


Her seminal book 'The Chair: Rethinking Culture, Body and Design (1998)' received EDRA’s 2004 Achievement Award and she has just launched her new book 'Ethnography for Designers', which teaches architects and designers how to listen actively to the knowledge that people have about their own culture.

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Hans Thyge


Hans Thyge Raunkjaer in one of Denmark’s most renowned designers and his studio in Norsminde have created work for some of the worlds leading furniture and product brands. Hans will demonstrate how design and communications are some of the strongest tools in modern society and why it is so important to focus on creating outstanding solutions that improve our quality of life.

Hans Thyge has built a new design studio in China, and has grown significant clients in the Asian market. His two studios offer a comprehensive design offering, from market research through to product, furniture, architecture and branding.

Lach Tsvetanov


Lach Tsvetanov is an extremely accomplished industrial and interior designer, who has received numerous international design excellence accolades, including Red Dot, IF, Japanese Good Design, IDEA and many others. An ex-design director at Humanscale, Lach is now building his own practice in Bulgaria, where he focuses on creating experiences before products.

Lach has honed his skills in applied aesthetics, usability, human factors and universal design in large multinational companies, has been cited on many utility and design patents and has been featured in renowned international publications, such as Washington Post, The New York Times, CBS News, Axis Magazine, Abitare, Inovation magazine, among others.

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Luke Palmer


Luke Palmer has been senior designer with Orangebox for well over a decade and has been a key contributor to the company’s determined strive toward creating world leading sustainable product development, using a cradle to cradle approach. Luke will discuss how using this mindset at the starting point of a development strategy is essential, when creating products for global consumption.

Orangebox is a market-leader in the design and manufacture of office furniture. It is committed to sustainable business practice and aspires to embed circular economy principles throughout its business. The company see a range of benefits of remanufacturing, from brand value through environmental stewardship to financial revenue generated through sale of remanufactured products.

Simon Dennehy


Simon Dennehy is CEO at Perch and has been researching and designing for Applied Human Movement for the past 11 years. Simon will present some new work, which has been inspired by the curious observations of people in urban environments, the workplace and education.

Perch develop product, furniture and interior design solutions for the complex requirements of the user. They have been researching for education and workplace for over 11 years and have built very strong relationships with their clients, to embed a philosophy of contemplative, empathetic design for improved interactions and experiences.

Perch will showcase some old and new work in their new studio on the night of the seminar.

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