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Float Collection



The objective with FLOAT is to improve informal interactions for workers.

This concept is an exciting, fresh and considered beginning to a beautiful and successful family of products, for the worker of the 21st Century

The concept is inspired by our initial research into the postures assumed by small groups of workers and those working individually. We were struck by how inappropriate solutions caused awkward interactions and how ill-conceived tables forced dangerous and dissatisfying solutions.

We’ve developed a truly modular and flexible solution for workers, which acknowledges the need for adaptable ergonomics, during ‘Away from the Desk’ activities. FLOAT‘s light aesthetic, is guided primarily by the spatial requirements of the dynamic human form.

We considered the many crucial factors affecting its creation. Knowing the in-house capabilities of Greyfox, we highlighted the company wide enthusiasm, light-hearted and considered approach to furniture and work solutions. We created an impossibly light, novel and multi-functional ‘HERO’ product, which forms the DNA for a wide range of accompanying products in the family.


1. Interactions

Original observations and sketches of people during informal interactions.

perch_float_process_furniture design_hum

2. Postures

More observations focused around the essential postures carried out during relaxed task work.

perch_float_process_furniture design_hum

3. Group Sizes

To counter linear forms, the Fibonacci sequence was employed to look at group dynamics and the interplay of small, medium and large meetings.

perch_float_process_furniture design_hum

4. User Needs

The fundamental building blocks for the design of the furniture.

perch_float_process_furniture design_hum

5. Design Evolution

The sequence of the design evolution step by step.

perch_float_process_furniture design_hum
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