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Simplicity in the face of ultimate complexity.

Imagine a chair so simple to use, with the absolute least amount of components, which improves comfort, ergonomics and well-being. Imagine a chair that promotes continuous low-threshold movement and active-dynamic sitting, while being housed in a singular beautiful form. Imagine a chair that was built around pelvic rotation and hip abduction, to promote better posture. Imagine a chair that facilitates any size or shape of user, from casual reclined-sitting, to right-angled task sit and then up to an elevated perch, with nothing other than height adjustment required. 

This was the challenge we set ourselves and the resulting (fully patented) design has an unmistakable novelty, which remains true to our core mission of developing solutions for ‘Applied Human Movement’.

Design Story

Starting Point

The two main areas of concentration for us became the inclusion of a flexible seat pan and the identification of a persons’ centre of balance when seated. These are the foundations onto which our concept was built. The flexible seat enables elevated, core-centric balanced posture, because of its ability to move and bend with the natural movements of the user. It also helps to house a more neutrally rotated pelvis, meaning the critical links between the upper and lower body, at the core, are engaged and enabled to move. 

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